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Town hall meeting

THUMBS UP: District 88 held its first “town hall” meeting this week, a chance for members of the public to get together with school board members and administrators to ask questions, get answers and offer opinions on what’s going on in the district.

About 40 people showed up for the meeting, and a wide range of topics was covered, including plans for building a new school, to high school program offerings, to the open lunch program.

This kind of give and take is good for the district. It gives parents, students and the public a chance to get information and clarification about questions they have, and gives the school board and administration a chance to hear what concerns are weighing on the public.

We hope these meetings continue and grow in attendance.

Hoffner decision

THUMBS UP: We are not surprised that a state arbitrator has decided Minnesota State University-Mankato was wrong to fire football coach Todd Hoffner. Hoffner was suspended in 2012 over an investigation into alleged “child pornography” that turned out to be nothing more than short video clips of his children innocently goofing around after a bath. Once the judge dismissed the charges, the university conducted its own investigation and wound up firing the coach for, among other things, letting his wife use his work computer.

We have written before that Hoffner seemed to be the victim of an overzealous prosecuting attorney, and his firing now appears to be the act of an overreaching administration at MSU.

We don’t know if Hoffner will be returning to MSU, but there should be consequences for those responsible for firing him without cause.


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