Out of touch on MNsure

Gov. Mark Dayton admitted on Friday to being sadly out of touch on the issue of the MNsure project. In a press conference he said he was unaware for at least six months of contract changes with its lead contractor, Maximus Inc. in which the state took over responsibility for constructing MNsure’s technical infrastructure. That infrastructure has been breaking down a lot since MNsure’s roll-out in October.

He also said he was unaware of serious technical problems until after the exchange was launched on Oct. 1.

This is a big issue for Legislative Auditor Jim Nobles to look into as his office conducts an audit of the MNsure problems.

It seems incredible that the governor would be so poorly inform. Dayton seemed to be mystified as well.

“I thought [I was well-informed],” Dayton said. “In hindsight, as the problems unfolded, it appeared that we weren’t apprised of them until they had surfaced. And whether that was because the senior staff was not aware of them until they surfaced, or what, is something the Legislative Auditor should go in and review.”

No wonder Dayton thought it was OK?for MNsure executive director April Todd-Malmlov to take a two-week vacation in Costa Rica when the program was being launched. Todd-Malmlov resigned over the bungling. We doubt Dayton will.