Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down

Safety first

THUMBS UP: It’s supposed to get really cold this weekend, so cold that just thinking about it can give you an ice-cream headache. With the coldest weather in at least a decade predicted for Sunday night through Wednesday, we’re glad Gov. Mark Dayton made the call to cancel all K-12 public school classes in the state for Monday.

It’s hard to study when you’re frostbitten, and that can happen pretty quick when it’s 20-below zero. We know many school districts were already planning to cancel classes for Monday, but it’s good to keep the kids safe.

And for the rest of us, don’t venture out if you don’t have to, dress warm and keep an emergency kit in your car if you are traveling.

Baby New Year

THUMBS UP: Congratulations to Maci Boyda, the first baby of the new year born on Wednesday at New Ulm Medical Center. Her parents are Danielle Tharalson and Tyler Boyda of Lamberton.

And congratulations to another New Ulm baby who was the first child born in Mankato on Wednesday – Izaya Gonzalez, born at the Mayo Clinic Health System on Wednesday morning. He is the son of Thelma Ramos and Antonio Gonzalez of New Ulm.

A healthy and happy 2014 to the new babies of the new year.

Those who respond

THUMBS UP: At times (and temperatures) like this we truly are thankful for those who go out into this kind of weather to respond to emergencies.

Firefighters, from those in Minneapolis who responded to the Cedar Avenue apartment fire on a frigid New Years day to the New Ulm firefighters called out on an equally frigid morning on Friday deserve credit for dealing with dangerous situations in challenging weather. Police officers and ambulance crews are also there in all weather when they are needed.

Thanks to all of them.