Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down

Good Luck Knights

THUMBS UP: Sleepy Eye St. Mary’s football team is heading to the Metrodome on Saturday after advancing in the Class A Minnesota State High School League football tournament. The Knights will play Dawson-Boyd at 9 a.m.

The Knights have played 12 playoff games in the last three years, and look to add another one this year with a trip to the title game on Nov. 30.

Good luck to St. Mary’s.

ACA whiplash

THUMBS DOWN: For three years America’s health insurance industry has been working to put together the insurance packages required by the Affordable Care Act. Now that the act is being put into effect, and they started notifying some policy holders that they can’t keep their old non-complying policies, along comes President Obama with a quick, “Wait, yes you CAN.”

This sudden about face, allowing the old policies to remain in effect for another year, is bound to give a few insurance industry folks a bad case of whiplash. We hope they have coverage for it.

It is just another example of how badly planned the whole rollout of the so-called Obamacare has been. The president, pushed by Democrats who have been scorched by constituents angry over the president’s broken health care promise, is suddenly backtracking on the push to implement his plan.

Many ways to serve

THUMBS UP: There are many ways to get involved in public service. Running for city council or school board is one way, but for those who don’t have that kind of time or inclination, there are other ways to serve.

The City of New Ulm has a lot of committees and advisory commissions, from the Library Board to the Park and Rec Board to the Planning and Zoning Adjustment boards to the Tree Board and the Safety Council and the Monument Committee and the Historical Preservation Commission and the Sister Cities Commission…

And all of them need people willing to meet and discuss issues and provide direction and recommendations to the City Council.

Mayor Robert Beussman will be filling vacancies on the city’s commissions for the coming year. Anyone interested in volunteering for one panel or another can contact Lisa Pelzel at City Hall (359-8233).

If you’ve ever thought, “Somebody oughta do something about that…,” now’s your chance to do it.


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