Eagle Update: Academic preparation

While educators, politicians, and media often focus on student data based on low academics, New Ulm High School remains focused on providing academic opportunities for all student needs. Resources are provided to allow students to maximize their potential and to provide educational opportunities for higher performing students, as well as students who need special assistance.

Opportunities for students to challenge themselves at a very high level are provided through several course offerings and are available in all core curriculum areas of study. In grades seven and eight, both the Mathematics and English Departments offer Honors courses. The curriculum in these areas provide a foundation for students to continue with challenging course throughout high school. In addition, the English, Social Studies, Mathematics and Science Departments, all offer honors and advanced courses throughout grades 9 and 10. While these courses continue building on the academic foundation, some also provide opportunities to receive college credit. Students taking Advance Placement World History may choose to take an Advanced Placement Test and, based on how they perform, receive college credit.

Over the past ten years, NUHS has been building curriculum and providing courses in an effort to give students choice in taking high school courses or college courses within the high school (College In The Schools program). Some of these courses include: College Writing, Public Speaking, Trig and Special Functions, College Calculus, College Psychology and Government. These courses provide opportunities to prepare students for college while remaining in high school, as well as provide students with college credit. The number of college credits currently available to a student at New Ulm Public is 28, which is equivalent to one year of college. The benefit of this type of program allows students to maintain the support that high school teachers provide, along with continuing with the high school experience. As the Department of Education continues to encourage college readiness, the New Ulm school system continues to grow in this area.

The ultimate goal is to provide the right mix and number of college level courses to meet the growing requests of our students and parents. Meeting and maintaining this goal is a challenge. Through the continuous support and vision of the school board, parents and teachers we can provide every student with educational opportunities that will challenge them and provide the right amount of educational growth and preparation for the next stage of their lives.


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