Community gardens and CSAs

Minnesotans love their summer season, and all that it brings. That’s because it is so short, and the winter seems so long. Minnesotans love summer things like golf, gardening and home grown tomatoes, because we spend all winter dreaming about them.

When it comes to gardening, not everyone is blessed with a green thumb. Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA, is one way people can get a taste of summer without having to do the work. CSA farmers sell subscriptions, or shares, to people for the produce they plan to grow. This gives the farmers cash in advance, and someone to share the risk of the growing season. The subscribers get a weekly delivery of fresh picked, locally grown produce, whatever happens to be in season.

The Heart of New Ulm has been promoting these local farmers, because CSAs get people eating more fruits and vegetables, which anyone who has a mother knows is good for you.

Farmers markets are another way to get a taste of locally grown goodies.

And if you really like to grow it yourself, Putting Green has a community garden where, for $35 a season, you can rent a plot, and get lots of advice from the Brown County Master Gardeners.

One way or another, there’s plent of opportunity to put some good things on your plate this summer.