The Easter miracle continues

The miracle of Easter is one that cynics and skeptics have been arguing against since the crucifixion of Jesus took place. Even as Jesus was being laid in His tomb, the gospels tell us, the high priests and Pharisees urged Pontius Pilate to place a heavy guard on the tomb to prevent Jesus’ followers from stealing the body and proclaiming the resurrection that Jesus had predicted.

Even with the guard, the Resurrection took place, and Christians around the world celebrate it today.

Even today, skeptics demand proof. They want historic documentation that this Jesus really existed.

They won’t get the kind of proof they want, but the proof of the miracle continues in the existence of His church. Millions of believers around the world are worshipping today, living according to Jesus’ teachings, studying His words, trying to emulate His example.

It’s hard to imagine any hoax or movement of purely human origin having this kind of staying power.

So we wish all of our readers a happy Easter.