Hulke doing the right thing

The confusion over New Ulm School Board member Jill Hulke’s residency has been clarified, and Hulke, who actually lives just over the border in the Nicollet School District, will be resigning from the board she was just elected to last November.

It is easy to point fingers and be critical, to say she should know which school district she lived in, or that school district officials should have verified her residency when she filed. We hope such verification will be a part of future elections, especially in cases where candidates are near the line.

But we cannot really fault Hulke for considering herself a District 88 resident. It was an honest mistake. And we can’t fault her for wanting to contribute her time and talent for the betterment of the district. We think it is important for district residents outside of New Ulm, who live in Lafayette, Hanska and Courtland, to be represented on the board.

At a time when being a school board member has to be one of the most frustrating, thankless jobs around, Hulke offered herself for election. Her desire to serve is commendable. Her heart was in the right place, even if her house is in the wrong place.

Now that her residency situation has been brought to light, she is doing the right thing by resigning. She plans to seek a judicial solution to be included in the district, which would make her eligible to run again.

We hope voters will not hold this episode against someone who has shown this willingness for public service.