What’s on your mind?

Christopher R. Beagle, Winona: “Go back home and substitute and wait for a call.”
Cassandra J. Davis, Stacy: “Going to teach K-2 at Samuel Lutheran School, Marshall.”
Matthew R. Neumann, Fond du Lac, Wi.: Going home to apply in Milwaukee.”
Rachel E. Hartwig, South St. Paul: “Moving to South Milwaukee, waiting for a call.”
Hannah M. Arrowsmith, Fort Atkinson, Wi.: “Teaching 7th and 8th grade in Milwaukee.”
Joseph W. Keller, McLean, Va.: “Going to teach 5th grade for six months at Grace Lutheran School in Grenada, with an option to teach 3rd grade after that.”

What are your plans for 2019?

(Asked at MLC’s winter commencement service Dec. 13)