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Middle School

Throughout the last seven years, the staff at New Ulm Middle School has worked to build a comprehensive school program tailored to meet the unique needs of middle level learners in grades 5-8.

The middle level program centers around the team concept in which students and staff are split into teams within the school (called houses), creating greater opportunities for teachers to foster positive relationships with students and families. Other important aspects of the middle level program include a daily advisory, exploratory and elective classes, academic intervention and enrichment, school counseling and extra-curricular clubs and activities.

Beyond its core components, the middle school strives to meet the needs of all students and has developed a system of interventions and strategies designed to help students who may need more instruction or support in the areas of academics, behaviors, and social emotional learning. Additionally, students who demonstrate a need for more academic challenges have the option of taking enrichment classes in both math and language arts.

Due to the rapid development of early adolescents, the behavioral and social emotional needs of middle level students are often at the forefront of their overall growth and development. To maximize growth in these areas, all students participate in the building’s positive behavior and intervention program and receive regular instruction on behavior expectations, engaging in lessons focused on social emotional learning.

Additionally, all students have access to meet with school counselors and the student success coach.

If students show a greater need for behavioral or social emotional learning, additional interventions are put into place. Intervention options for these areas include a daily check in and check out with an adult mentor, small group or individual counseling, opportunities for breaks during the school day or the implementation of a personalized learning plan.

New Ulm Middle School also partners with Greater Minnesota Family Services to provide school linked mental health programs, and Brown County Family Services to provide additional services to students and families.

New Ulm Middle School staff is dedicated to helping all students learn and grow and will continue to seek new and innovative ways to meet the varying needs of middle school students.


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