2022 graduates represent our future

Spring is in the air and summer is just around the corner. It’s a special time of the year. Not only are we enjoying the warmer weather, but it’s also a time to celebrate new beginnings such as graduations.

From kindergarten to college, students can express a sigh of relief as they are handed diplomas that signify overcoming long journeys in education and advancing to the next stage in life. For some, that next stage means a long awaited career. For others it means they can take the next step in the education process.

For most students, the COVID pandemic has presented challenges that no other graduates before them have faced.

Two weeks ago in Marshall, commencement speaker Kent Roers lauded Southwest Minnesota State University 2022 graduates for overcoming all the obstacles.

“You took the situation that could have been the demise of your diploma, and you overcame it,” Roers told them.

In the upcoming days, more graduates will be applauded for overcoming the same challenges. New Ulm High School will hold its graduation ceremony on May 27.

Of course, there are many other graduation ceremonies that will be held within next few weeks in our readership area.

Our hope is that all of our graduates will proudly grab their diplomas and enjoy bright futures because these young people represent our future. Some will go on to more education opportunities. But eventually, they all will fill important roles within our nation, our state and in our communities. Some will become important leaders. Hopefully, all will live fulfilling lives.

Congratulations to our 2022 graduates.


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