All of us need healing from pandemic- inflicted trauma

We, all of us who have endured this COVID-19 pandemic, are experiencing the insidious effects of post-traumatic stress, even as the pandemic is still happening, perhaps transitioning into another ingredient in the witches’ brew that is life on Earth.

Like the coronavirus, these insidious symptoms are coming from within us — not just those physically infected but also those who have lived though it in fear, in denial, in sadness, in sorrow, in anger, in rage, in uncertainty — in every negative feeling and emotion of the human condition.

That means all of us, everywhere. We’re all victims of the coronavirus trauma, if not of body — with many of us still suffering long COVID — then of the mind. It’s left us all more psychologically fragile.

As with any mental health affliction, denial does not heal a mental health issue. It just worsens the symptoms. The only way to start healing is conceding the truth of the matter.

With a mass trauma like this, recovery and positive progress, like all human endeavors, starts with most people coming together. We start by admitting to ourselves that we’ve been damaged.

Then we hope — and pray, if you are so inclined — for healing, not just for ourselves but all our fellow humans.

We resolve to act on that hope and prayer by extending it to family, loved ones and the community at large, which then spreads beyond to eventually the society as a whole. In this case, we fight the trauma of a virus by going viral with a hope.

It starts with us. It can start now, this month, which is Mental Health Awareness Month. Learn about mental health self awarenss and self-care. Participate in community activities, such as the Mental Health Walk in New Ulm on May 17.

Most importantly, reach out your hand to other fellow human beings, who, whether they realize it or not, are trauma victims of this pandemic, by showing them you care, offering comfort and helping them get help. A little love and understanding goes a long way in providing comfort and promoting healing.


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