Report on Cuomo should lead to his resignation

The New York State Attorney General’s office released the findings of its five-month investigation into sexual harassment allegations against Gov. Andrew Cuomo. The report asserts that the governor harassed at least 11 women, many of them members of his staff or connected with New York state government. The harassment included suggestive or sexual comments, groping, unwanted hugs and kisses, and so on.

Cuomo denies it all, or minimizes it as misunderstandings, or cultural differences (he’s a demonstrative Italian), or politically motivated bias.

There should be no room in the higher echelons of government, or business, for this kind of behavior. Cuomo faces the loss of support in the New York State Assembly, where more than half are willing to impeach him if he doesn’t resign, according to the Associated Press, and among leaders in his own party who recognize he is badly damaged goods who could bring others down with him as he falls.

Resigning would be the right thing for Cuomo to do, from a political and a moral standpoint.


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