COVID challenges keep changing

One of the criticisms used by coronavirus skeptics is that the advice from the government keeps changing. They quote what Dr. Anthony Fauci and other experts said in March 2020 and note how different their advice is today. “First they said masks won’t protect you. Then they said everyone should wear masks. Then they said everyone should be double-masked. Why should we believe anything they say?”

Yes, the advice from the experts keeps changing as they learn more about COVID-19 and see how the vaccines are working and how the disease is progressing. It should change. We’d be more skeptical of an expert who is saying the exact same thing today that he said a year and a half ago.

The other thing that is changing is the disease itself. Variants are developing as the virus mutates, something all viruses do over time. As the variants emerge and start spreading, they change the need for the public to practice protective measures we thought were gone. Yes, masks may be recommended again, even for people who are vaccinated. Booster shots may be required for those who have been fully vaccinated to extend or maintain their immunizations.

It is frustrating, but frustration isn’t fatal. COVID has proven that it can be, with more than 600,000 American fatalities since the start of the pandemic. Putting up with a little frustration is better than getting sick with COVID.


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