Thumbs Up/Down

Cool new addition

THUMBS UP: The new splash pad in North Park should be a welcome addition to the New Ulm Park & Rec’s facilities this weekend, when temperatures are predicted to soar into the 90s. Splash pads are water features that don’t have pools, just a flat surface where kids can run around and get wet.

The splash pad opened last year, thanks to a generous donation from Barb Haroldson. It opened last June and got a lot of use. It should keep a lot of kids cool this summer.

Ready for festing?

THUMBS UP: The COVID-19 pandemic mad 2020 a terrible year last year. It forced us to give up a lot of things for the cause of safety. Among them were some of New Ulm’s favorite festivals.

This year they are starting to come back. The first big even to stage a comeback is Bavarian Blast. Shut down last year, it is going to be back this year, July 15, 16, 17 and 18 at the Brown County Fairgrounds.

As we make our way back to normalcy, what could be more normal in New Ulm than getting out the lederhosen and dirndls and heading out to the fairgrounds for music, dancing, good food and drink and Gemütlichkeit?

Here’s an incentive

THUMBS DOWN: Minnesota has joined other states in offering incentives and prizes for people who get vaccinated against COVID-19. Do people really need a promise of Twins tickets or Valleyfair admissions before they will get a vaccination?

We think the chance to be protected against a disease that has killed nearly 600,000 Americans in the past year would provide plenty of incentive.

If incentives are what it takes to get more people protected as we trek toward herd immunity, we guess that’s what should be done.


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