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Mask relief for some

THUMBS UP: The CDC’s newest advisories for COVID-19 safety offers relief to many who are sick and tired of wearing face masks. But only some. Those who are full vaccinated can now be in most public places, indoors or out, without having to wear masks.

Businesses, churches and so on are still figuring out how to administer these new rules. A lot of people are still unvaccinated, and how can someone tell who is and isn’t? Many may still require masks for all out of concern for safety.

This new relaxation of the rules doesn’t mean the pandemic is over. People who haven’t been vaccinated should still get it done as soon as they can, and people should still be willing to wear masks when asked.

Pot vote in vain

THUMBS DOWN: As we come down to the bitter end of the legislative session, the House spent a long afternoon and evening debating and voting on a bill to legalize marijuana in the state. As much as the pot afficionados might be cheered by the House passage, the Senate is determined to let the bill die without a hearing. We suppose legislators already know they won’t finish their real work in time, and don’t mind wasting some now.


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