Thumbs Up/Down

That was no joke

Thumbs Down: So, a mosque in Moorhead was found vandalized on Sunday. Someone had spray painted the Moorhead Fargo Islamic Community Center with a swastika and phrases such as “Death to Islam.”

An alert Walmart employee checked records of spray paint sales, and in checking security camera footage, saw a young man buying paint who wore the same jacket that the vandal was seen wearing other security footage. This led to the arrest of Benjamin Enderle, 22, who told police it was just a joke, something to get a reaction from the community, and that he doesn’t “hate them.”

He’s been charged with criminal damage to property and misdemeanor harassment with bias. We hope the judge will give him a good lesson in what is and is not funny.

Relaxed mask rules

Thumbs Up: The relaxed mask rules recommended by the Center for Disease Control this week should make it a little easier to breathe the spring air. The state has also allowed high school athletes to go maskless while competing outside, a move we’re sure local ballplayers and tennis playes will appreciate. It was good to see pictures in the paper this week of athletes with their full faces showing.

It’s a harbinger of what lies ahead, if enough people get vaccinated against COVID-19.

Day of Caring

Thumbs Up: The United Way of the Brown County Area is holding its Day of Caring — or Days of Caring, since it’s taking place over Friday and Saturday this weekend.

This is a wonderful tradition that started several years ago, to kick off the United Way campaign drive in the fall each year by having teams of volunteers go around doing chores like raking leaves, washing windows, even some painting for people who need help getting these things done. It was moved to the spring this year when an early snowstorm hit last fall.

We think it works great in either season. Thanks, United Way.

It’s been Grand

Thumbs Up: It’s hard to imagine what downtown used to be like without the Grand Center for Arts and Culture. Anne Makepeace, who turned the old Grand Hotel into a true center for the arts, is retiring as the Grand’s executive director at the end of May.

She has truly spearheaded the renovation of an old building, and helped create something that the region can enjoy.


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