Thumbs Up/Down

We’ll take it

THUMBS UP: Hardly a day goes by where we don’t get some press release from an organization that has mined some data and is ready to proclaim your city or state is the best town in the U.S. for ice cream consumption, or for buying car insurance or for whatever the product or service they are promoting. This week we got one from Realtor.com, which declared us to be the most affordable small town in American where people actually want to live. They measured median house prices, of course, but also home ownership rates, unemployment and crime. What really put us over the top, apparently, was the German heritage.

Well, naturally. Everyone envies our brewery.

These surveys may be a little contrived, but we’ll take it. We’re Number One!

Prom weekend

THUMBS UP: New Ulm High School and Minnesota Valley Lutheran High School are having their proms this weekend. We’re glad that the students will have the opportunity to celebrate during the COVID-19 era.

The fact is, New Ulm students have had a fairly normal school year, with face-to-face learning throughout the year. There have been social distancing and face mask regulations, but at least they have been able to go TO school.

We hope everyone enjoys prom this weekend.


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