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Eye in the court

THUMBS UP: Having cameras in the courtroom has been inconceivable in Minnesota for years. Judges and attorneys alike have feared the impact the idea millions of people could be watching might have on witnesses and jurors.

The Derek Chauvin trial is the first trial to allow gavel to gavel coverage. People watching are receiving a greater education in courtroom procedures and hopefully will have a better trust in the outcome. Cameras are controlled — no shots of the jury are allowed, and some witnesses have been kept off camera too.

We hope this experience will lead to more openness in trial coverage in the state.

Slow it down!

THUMBS DOWN: Minnesota law enforcement agencies recently completed a 2-month crackdown on speeding drivers, after 120 people died in speed-related crashes in 2020.

The results are in –23,052 speeding citations were issues in February and March. Speeders were found on highways and on residential city streets. Minneapolis Park Police clocked one person driving 83 in a 30 mph zone. Drivers were clocked going over 110, 120 all over the state.

Please, drivers, slow down. And wear your seat belt. Speed leads to crashes, and unbelted drivers and passengers are more likely to be ejected and killed.


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