Brown County Browser: Brown County Family Facilitator Program

The Family Facilitator Program is a joint service provided by Brown County Human Services and local school districts to provide voluntary case management services to families in the home, community and school. The Family Facilitators work with the local school districts and sometimes right in the schools to help children be successful in all areas of their lives and help parents navigate all the various resources available to support them. The Family Facilitator Program is available in various schools throughout Springfield, Sleepy Eye and New Ulm.

The goal of the Family Facilitator Program is to provide prevention and early intervention services. Family Facilitators will work with children and families to accomplish goals specific to their situation such as challenges with parenting, family changes, discipline/behavior problems in the home/school/community, social/emotional issues and communication.

Family Facilitators can help families connect with community resources and help locate and obtain services. Facilitators also provide in home services to help parents and children address educational, social, behavioral, and family issues that may prevent a child from being successful. The Family Facilitator Program provides services year round and offers summer activities to provide social skills and opportunities for new experiences.

The program is free, voluntary, and confidential. Services are built around the family and their individual needs and goals. Services are provided in the home, school, and community or as requested by the family. To obtain Family Facilitator services, contact school staff for a referral or contact Brown County Human Services to request this service.


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