What’s On Your Mind?

Rick Lucas of New Ulm: “This is fool’s spring. I’ll ge my kyayak out, but I know there is ice to come.”
John Goplin of New Ulm: “We’re getting tricked. We’re getting more snow.”
Mike Huerkamp of New Ulm: “The old wives tale said it will snow on a robin three times before spring arrives. The robins aren’t even here yet.”
Gavin Emery of Foley, MN: “At least two more snows. One will be major snowfall and one will be minor snowfall.”
Ron Bolduan of New Ulm: “It will snow again, but no accumpulation.”
Josie Bieberitz of Eau Claire, Wis: “I think we will get an early spring, because that’s what I am hoping.”

Are we looking at an early spring, or is

winter going to come back?


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