Thumbs Up/Down

Tragedy hits home

THUMBS DOWN: News of a mass shooting anywhere is hard to hear. When one occurs in your home state, it is harder still. But to hear that the Allina clinic shooting in Buffalo took the life of someone from here, someone lots of people knew, a friend, a family member — it’s the hardest of all.

To the family of Lindsay Overbay, the 37-year-old mother of two who died as she worked as a medical assistant at the clinic, we can only offer our heartfelt grief and condolences. There’s little we can say except that Lindsay touched the lives of many who remember her with love.

One vote matters

THUMBS UP: You frequently hear about elections that are decided by one vote, or that end in a tie and have to be decided by a coin toss. Stories about those kind of elections are accompanied by “See, your vote DOES count!”

This week, the Springfield school bond election was just such a story. The bond referendum asked voters first for approval to sell bonds to improve school sites and facilities, and second, to build new locker rooms. The first question passed by 13 votes: 468 to 455. The second question passed by one vote, 458 to 457. One vote made the difference.

No doubt there are a few people who are kicking themselves for not getting to the polls.

Yes, your vote does count, especially when you don’t cast it.

National Merit finalist

THUMBS UP: Congratulations to Minnesota Valley Lutheran senior Jonah Kramer of Gibbon, who was named a National Merit Scholarship Competition finalist this week. Finalists are chosen from a wide number of the nation’s seniors for their abilities, skills and accomplishments. They pass grueling tests, and their academic background is thoroughly screened. Kramer is in line to be a scholarship winner, but his accomplishment in being named a finalist already marks him as one of the nation’s academic elite.


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