Thumbs Up/Down

Too much white

THUMBS DOWN: It’s a good thing a lot of people were planning to stay home for Christmas during the COVID-19 pandemic. The weather on Wednesday made sure they weren’t going anywhere.

A lot of people were wishing for a “white Christmas” after a mostly snowless December. But the 5 inchest that fell in New Ulm, coupled with the 35-mph gusts of wind made travel impossible for a lot of motorists to even see where they were going.

We like snow as much as anyone, but let’s be reasonable, Old Man Winter.

Vaccinations start

THUMBS UP: Supplies of COVID-19 vaccine have started to arrive in New Ulm and the area, and our embattled frontline medical workers, long-term care workers and others involved in the fight against the virus are being innoculated. It’s a start, and a welcome one, in finally bringing this pandemic under control. It will be many months before everyone who wants one can be vaccinated, but we hope to see infection rates start to lower as we approach that goal.

In the meantime, thanks to all those who are doing their best to stay safe by wearing masks, staying safe distances from others, washing hands, and following the state’s safety restrictions. There are too many businesses who are defying the ban on indoor service for bars and restaurants. We appreciate those in our area who are suffering through. We hope they reap a windfall when the restrictions are lifted.

Merry Christmas

THUMBS UP: This year has been a hard one on Christmas traditions, but we hope everyone has a safe and merry Christmas and a happy new year. We confidently predict that 2021 will be a better year than this one, because it sure couldn’t be much worse.


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