Thumbs Up/Down

Wreaths look nice

THUMBS UP: The Christmas wreaths lining Minnesota Street are a nice substitution for the traditional garlands that have graced downtown New Ulm during the Christmas season for decades.

In truth, the number of garlands had dwindled over the past several years, becoming somewhat intermittent. They lacked the impact from years past, when they were strung in regular intervals down the street. And frankly, the LED bulbs that replaced the old incandescent ones lacked the shine of the old.

The garlands may come back in the future, but it will take a lot of work and expense. In the meantime, the wreaths are giving a very cheerful look to the downtown.

The need for caution

THUMBS DOWN: We know the state’s latest shutdown order is affecting a lot of businesses and their employees at possibly the worst time of the year. The Christmas season is a hard time to be out of work. It’s a hard time not to be able to gather and celebrate with family.

But the reason for the shutdown is very clear. We have seen the number of cases and deaths skyrocket in Minnesota and in the area. People are getting sick from their contact with others. Unguarded social interaction and lack of prevention discipline is spreading this diseas. Brown County is now over 1,200 cases, and 15 people have died from the disease, most of them in the past week or two.

We need to be careful and responsible to keep the numbers from climbing. We hope that by the end of the current order, on Dec. 19, the numbers will be under control, and we can resume at least a semblance of holiday spirit.


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