We can’t agree to disagree

These are incredibly toxic political times. It is practically impossible to have a discussion anymore on a political issue or a political candidate with someone who holds a different view, or favors a different candidate than you without sparking a heated argument. This is a polarized society, especially when it comes to national politics, and the poles have been drifting farther and farther apart.

Since people can no longer seem to agree to disagree, since people take any political disagreement to be a personal affront, The Journal is modifying its endorsement policy this year. We will be focusing on the local races, and leaving the national political candidates to you. When it comes to the presidential election, people know who they favor. Minds are made up and nothing we say is going to do anything to change them.

When it comes to presidential, senate and congressional votes, therefore, we will not be endorsing candidates. We won’t be recommending candidates, or telling you how to vote.

We just hope you will.


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