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Schools staying ahead of COVID-19

THUMBS UP: Information from Brown County Public Health and District 88 indicates the schools in New Ulm are doing a good job of dealing with COVID-19. Superintendent Jeff Bertrang reported to the District 88 board this week that 14 students and five staff have tested positive for the virus so far this year, about 1 percent of the student body and staff. And Karen Moritz, Brown County Public Health Director, told the county board this week that while infections among students have been detected, the students are not getting it in school.

The schools have obviously been doing a conscientious job of maintaining safety protocols, which is amazing when so many kids gather together every day. Keep up the good work.

A real debate

THUMBS UP: Thursday’s presidential debate was everything the first debate was not — focused, spirited and above all, audible.

President Donald Trump and Joe Biden were not hindered by the mute button. When given his turn to speak, he made his points forcefully. He and Biden exchanged only minor interruptions during the open exchanged period.

Did it change many minds? Probably not, but it was well done.


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