Mute button debate

After the first presidential debate took on the aspect of a tag team wrestling match where the referee gets knocked out, the non-partisan Commission on Presidential Debates has discovered the mute button for this week’s second and final debate.

To prevent some of the verbal clashes of the last debate, when President Donald Trump repeatedly interrupted Joe Biden, the two candidates will now be able to make their two-minute introductory remarks during each segment while the other candidate’s microphone is on mute. After the initial remarks, both mics will be live for the open discussion.

President Trump has said this new wrinkle is “very unfair,” but we don’t see why, since he will have his two uninterrupted minutes, just like Biden.

The kind of “see who can holler the loudest” contest that was the first debate was unfair as well — unfair to the American voters, especially the undecided ones who wanted to hear what the two candidates had to say on the issues in a side-by-side comparison.

Perhaps the mute button will give them a few minutes to hear enough on Thursday to make an informed decision.


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