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German Park bonding benefit

THUMBS UP: German Park is the beneficiary of a $300,000 grant from included in the state bonding bill that passed the Senate on Thursday and awaits Gov. Walz’s signature.

The money will finance the construction of the shade element of the amphitheater project, an important part of the project, since so many ash trees had to be taken down during the construction of the terraces.

It may not be the most critical project included in the bonding bill, but we are glad for the funding.

COVID-19 spike disturbing

THUMBS DOWN: The Minnesota Department of Health and Brown County Publish Health reported a total of 14 new cases of COVID-19 on Thursday and Friday in Brown County. Along with big jumps over last weekend, that’s a disturbing trend.

Minnesota recorded its biggest jump in COVID-19 cases on Friday with 2,297 cases. This could be the second surge that was predicted for the fall and winter, when schools are back in session, the weather gets colder and people are spending more time inside.

Let’s hope this is spike levels off quickly. In the meantime, let’s keep doing what we can to stay safe, including wearing masks, frequent handwashing and social distancing.

Voting is underway

THUMBS UP: We don’t know what the voting turnout has been for the Brown County auditor’s office, but we’re sure it is brisk. People are eager to get their mail-in and absentee ballots filled out and sent in to the county in plenty of time, or to drop them off at the drop box in the lobby of the LEC.

We hope people are taking care to read the directions and follow the procedures included with their mail-in ballots, so that their votes will be valid and included in the final tally.

Brown County typically has a high voter turnout. Our citizens take that responsibility seriously.


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