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Get well, Mr. Trump

THUMBS UP: The news that President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump have tested positive for COVID-19 has shocked the U. S. and the world. The president was taken to Walter Reed Medical Center, and the severity of his symptoms was unclear Friday afternoon.

At this time, politics needs to be put aside, and we should all be hoping and praying for the president’s swift and complete recovery.

Census confusion

THUMBS DOWN: What is the deal with the U.S. Census? It was originally scheduled to take the count of the nation’s population through the end of October. Then administration officials announced it would end at the end of September. A lawsuit was filed, and federal Judge Lucy Koh issued an injunction ordering the Census Bureau to keep to the original schedule. The Census Bureau then announced it would end the count on Oct. 5. On Friday Judge Koh ordered the Census Bureau to text its workers that they would continue counting through the end of October

Sounds like the government doesn’t want to count the harder to reach residents of the U.S. probably including some the president didn’t want to include in the count.

Apparently, the Census Bureau is now complying with the judge’s orders.


THUMBS UP: Congratulations to Bridget Kavan and the Lafayette Area Ambulance crew — EMTs Nick Klingler, Ashley Juracek and Mark Dick — who were honored Monday for their lifesaving efforts.

Lowell Kavan of Lafayette, Bridget’s father, had suffered a heart attack at home on July 16. Bridget and her mother assisted him, and Bridget, an MSU student, did chest compressions on her father until the ambulance crew arrived. The crew took over, applied CPR until Lowell started breathing again, and got him to New Ulm Medical Center, which got him quickly to the cardiac unit at Abbot Northwestern.

Today, Lowell Kavan is recovering with a successful outcome.

This outcome points out the importance of learning CPR methods and being ready to use it when needed.


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