Go vote today

People tend to have a lot of reasons (or is it excuses?) not to vote in primary elections. It’s too early to think about voting, they’re too busy, it doesn’t really matter, they’d rather wait until November, primaries aren’t that important. This year we have the COVID-19 virus excuse as well. People don’t want to go vote because they might catch the virus.

We strongly urge people who haven’t already voted by mail to cut the excuses, mask up and go vote.

First, it’s not too early to think about voting. We should have been thinking about who we want to elect for some time now. Too busy? Polls are open all day, until 8 p.m. tonight.

It doesn’t matter? It does indeed matter, in contested elections. Republican voters in House District 16B will be deciding if Rep. Paul Torkelson of Hanska or Tammy Houle of Redwood Falls will be on the ballot in November. New Ulm voters will be narrowing the field for councilor-at-large. These decisions will matter in November.

As for COVID-19? People are complaining that the governor’s orders trying to contain the pandemic are infringing on their right to go to a bar or restaurant, or to church, or their right not to wear a face mask in public buildings. Are these rights more precious than your right to vote? We didn’t think so.

Certainly, one should take precautions. Wear a mask to the polls. Use hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes if you have them. Above all, wear a face mask while at the polls.

We’ve said it before, voting is the life blood of our government, keeping it healthy and strong. Please do your part by going to the polls today.


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