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Tournament decision

THUMBS UP: The New Ulm City Council voted Friday to rescind its earlier approval of holding the Minnesota Amateur Baseball Association tournament in New Ulm. Concerned about the possible spread of COVID-19 if the tournament were held here in August, the council reversed the decision it made July 7 to allow the used of Johnson Park and Mueller Park for the tournament.

There should be no negative reflection on the New Ulm Baseball Association, the organization hosting the tournament. The association’s members worked hard, organized as well as they could, and would have put on a first class tournament, if not for the COVID-19 pandemic changing everyone’s plans.

In ordinary times, we would have loved to have the tournament in New Ulm, and welcomed the thousands of people who would have come for the games. But pulling out is the wisest move to protect the health and safety of the local citizens.

No bonding bill

THUMBS DOWN: The July special session of the Legislature resulted in a police accountability act, and it resulted in another failed attempt by Republicans to end Governor Tim Walz’s emergency powers. But the Legislature once again couldn’t pass a bonding bill, and it’s not likely to as long as House Speaker Kurt Daudt keeps withholding Republican votes until Walz gives up his emergency powers and includes the Republican legislators in the process.

We think Daudt should show he is responsible enough to pass a decent bonding bill before being entrusted with decisions on how to deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

MLC back to school

THUMBS UP: Martin Luther College students will be welcomed back to campus this fall, after spending the end of last year learning with online classes due to the COVID-19 threat. The college has developed a plan to keep everyone as safe as possible, with mask requirements, daily health self-assessments, social distancing requirements in classrooms, the chapel and cafeteria. We hope the plan works well, but the school is ready to change if a problem arises.


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