Brown County Browser: Elections update

We are extremely pleased with the VOTE AT HOME campaign that we have been promoting for the safety of voters and poll workers alike. We encourage voters to get their applications to us this week if they plan to vote in the primary on August 11th. Our team needs to update the ballot request in our software and prepare the mailing. This all requires a time commitment so please submit requests as soon as possible.

Ballots to our absentee voters will be mailed on July 15th. It was our hope to get the majority of the requests processed before voted ballots are returned.

Voters in our townships, along with Cobden, Evan and Hanska will have ballots mailed on July 23rd.

Returning the ballot timely will allow us to get ballots accepted and resolve any issues that may arise. As a reminder there was a law change that voters casting a ballot by mail will not require a witness signature due to the COVID-19 virus. In addition, in the Primary we are not allowed to cross party lines on partisan contests. Voters should read the instructions provided with the ballot carefully to ensure that their vote will be counted.


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