Stifle disease’s comeback

Everybody loves an underdog. We cheer when sports teams that are way down stage a big rally and beat a highly favored opponent. It makes the victory that much sweeter.

But there’s one thing we don’t want to see making a comeback, and that is the COVID-19 virus. Americans have been hunkering down, staying home, shutting down their businesses, standing six feet apart and wearing masks trying to keep this highly contagious and dangerous virus from spreading. These measures have helped keep the number of cases down, but in recent weeks the numbers have been surging in America and in other parts of the world.

It could be because we’re getting tired of keeping our guard up. We’re sick of staying home, of wearing masks, of standing apart from others. We’re tired of people telling us what to do and how to live our lives. So we relax our vigilance. We go out and leave the masks at home. We mingle with others, at a bar or a restaurant. We get upset when a store employee tells us we have to wear a mask to shop.

But we have to remember, COVID-19 doesn’t get tired. It doesn’t take breaks. The virus floats around in the air or settles on doorknobs or table tops and sits as long as it can waiting for someone to grab on to.

That means we have to step up our game, to stay at high alert. We have to keep wearing masks, observing social distancing and avoiding crowds. We have to keep washing our hands frequently, covering our coughs and sneezes and staying away from others if we are sic. We have to stay ahead of the virus to keep it from staging a deadly comeback.


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