Thumbs Up/Down

Can’t wish it away

Thumbs Down: The rise in COVID-19 cases across the country and in the area is proof that wishing it would go away or ignoring it is not good public policy. Several states that rushed to reopen their economy are now rushing to pull things back as their cases rise.

In Minnesota, the 20-year-old crowd is being hardest hit. Twenty-somethings now make up the largest group of coronavirus patients, with 30-somethings not far behind. Blue Earth County has seen a spike in cases attributed to young people who contracted the virus in bars since they reopened June 12 and 13.

People need to realize that COVID-19 doesn’t care about the politics of when or how to reopen businesses. Whatever route we take, we need to protect ourselves by wearing face masks, keeping our distance from others and frequent hand washing.

Dayz of Thunder

Thumbs Up: While many area towns are foregoing their annual festivals this summer, Fairfax is giving it a go with a revised, slimmed down version of its Dayz of Thunder this weekend. The Miss Fairfax coronation was held privately Thursday, with Hana Schroeder being crowned Miss Fairfax. Other events are being held, including a parade on Sunday (spectators should stay on their own property or watch from their cars).

We hope everyone has a safe, good time.

Baseball back

Thumbs Up: Major League Baseball has figured out how to have some semblance of a season. Training camp began this week, and games should start July 23 or 24. This won’t be baseball as we know it. No spectators roaring in the stands, players separated in the stands if they’re not on the field, no spitting, no chewing tobacco, no sunflower seeds. It will be weird for all, but baseball will lift a lot of spirits.


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