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Successful blood drive

THUMBS UP: The Red Cross blood drive in New Ulm this week was successful, with volunteers meeting the goal of 265 units of blood over the three day drive. The bloodmobile collected 266 units of blood this week.

The blood that was given will help people all around the state. In this difficult time of the COVID-19 crisis, that means hospitals will have an adequate supply of blood on hand to treat patients.

Thanks to all who donated, and congratulations to the volunteers who work so hard to make these drives successful.

Statue destruction

THUMBS DOWN: We know that Christopher Columbus’ reputation has taken a beating in the past 50 years. Back then he was lauded as the man who discovered America. Now more focus is placed on the terrible impact his discovery had on the Americans who were already here.

Still, the actions by a group of American Indian Movement protestors at the state capitol this week, pulling down a bronze statue of Columbus on the capitol grounds, was vandalism and destruction of public property. They should be held accountable.

The crowd pulled down the statue as a State Patrol captain and a state tribal liaison tried to talk to the protestors about following the legal process to get the statue removed, according to one report. Republican leaders claim the state made the decision to avoid confrontation with the protestors and kept state troopers away until after the damage was done. If that’s true, then shame on the state.

Play ball?

THUMBS UP: Baseball teams in Minnesota are getting restless waiting for Gov. Tim Walz to give them the okay to play. Some teams, like the New Ulm Brewers, have traveled to Iowa, Wisconsin or South Dakota to play some games. The Minnesota Baseball Association is going to let teams play this weekend even without state approval. The St. Paul Saints team has decided to start its season on July 3 with Sioux Falls, S.D. as its temporary home field.

C’mon, governor! Let them play!


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