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Back to business

THUMBS UP: Lots of local business owners will be hoping to get back to business on Monday when Gov. Tim Walz’s new “Stay Safe MN” plan takes effect. We would say, “get back to normal,” but it may be a long time before we return to anything resembling the old normal. We will need to get used to go into stores wearing face masks, splashing on hand sanitizer and dealing with people standing behind plexiglass shields.

It may be months before people are comfortable enough with the “new normal” that business revenues start approaching past benchmarks and that businesses are confident enough to start hiring back the many who have been laid off in the past couple of months.

It’s time to start rebuilding.

Recognizing seniors

THUMBS UP: The oddest school year in most peoples’ memory is coming to a close. Seniors are heading off to their future without the pomp and circumstance of a graduation ceremony, without the celebration and camaraderie of graduation parties. They are leaving school with the memory of two months without setting foot in the building and of long-distance learning.

We are glad to see teachers and school organizations celebrating as best they can with parades, drive-by celebrations and lawn signs honoring the Class of 2020, who can take comfort in the knowledge that they are making history.

Bonding bill?

THUMBS DOWN: The Minnesota Legislature traditionally waits until the last possible moment to pass a bonding bill, but this session, interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on the state economy, will be closer than ever. The House is set to vote on the bill today, and the Senate on Sunday. Monday is adjournment.

We hope House Minority Leader Kurt Daudt won’t make good on his threat to block the bonding bill if Gov. Tim Walz doesn’t give up his emergency powers declaration. Walz did extend the declaration through June 13, but also relaxed the state’s stay at home order this week.

A bonding bill would fund a variety of building and infrastructure projects that will provide jobs and economic stimulus at a time when the state desperately needs them. Legislative leaders have to give up the need to top the other party and do what is right for the people of Minnesota.


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