COVID-19 is here; no need to panic

Brown County has its first case of COVID-19. Martin Luther College President Mark Zarling was diagnosed as postive on Monday, the college reports, making it the first confirmed case in Brown County.

Zarling had traveled to the Seattle area, which is likely where he was exposed to the virus.

The college has taken the proper steps to prevent the spread of the disease. Those who have been in contact with Zarling are self-quarantined for two weeks, and so far no one has shown symptoms.

We are sure that Zarling will not be the only case in the county. Health officials expect that there are other people in the county who are infected, but have not been tested. The state is only testing people who are hospitalized with the symptoms, or health care workers who are ill, or group home workers who fall ill. There will be more cases coming in Brown County before this outbreak subsides.

That’s why it is important to follow the recommendations for staying home and maintaining social distance of six feet from others when you do go out at this time. Keep washing your hands frequently and thoroughly, don’t touch your face, and sanitize things you touch frequently. If we can keep calm and maintain our health discipline, we can help slow the spread of the disease. Doing that will lower the demand on limited hospital and health care resources, and could save lives.


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