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State of emergency

Pointer: Facing the unknown threat of the COVID-19 virus, the state and the nation continued to shut down events and gatherings in an effort to slow the spread of the virus. President Trump declared a national state of emergency, while Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz did the same on a state level.

Many states are shutting down schools. Major league sports seasons are finished or on hold. Post season playoffs from the highest level of the NCAA to the smallest class of schools in the state have been cancelled. Even Disneyland is shutting down.

Is there a chance that these measures are too much, more than is necessary to meet the threat this new virus poses? Perhaps, but given our lack of experience with the disease, it is much better to err on the side of caution.

Legislative pace

Thumbs Up: The coronavirus outbreak is having an impact on the Minnesota Legislature as well. While the governor and legislative leaders did not close down the State Capitol, they are adapting to a way of doing business that will cut down on large gatherings.

Gov. Walz is urging legislative leaders to pick up the pace on the important business of the session – the bonding bill, for instance, any budgetary changes and of course, emergency bills for dealing with the virus outbreak.

Typically, the most important bills in the session are the last ones passed as legislative leaders jockey for position, trying to up their negotiating clout to gain an advantage. This session legislators could pretend the end of the session is coming earlier and get it done now.


Thumbs Down: We know how disappointing is must be for the student athletes who have been affected by the cancellation of post-season tournaments. New Ulm Cathedral and Springfield were all set to play in the Section 2A championship game Friday and the chance for a trip to the state tournament. Other sports and activities are being postponed as well.

These kinds of activities can create lifetime memories. This year the memory will be one of disappointment, we are afraid.


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