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The Miracle

THUMBS UP: Forty years ago today the Miracle on Ice happened in tiny Lake Placid, N.Y. The USA Olympic hockey team, made up largely of Minnesota-grown college hockey players and led by a single-minded coach with a vision of being the best, defeated the mighty USSR team, considered the best hockey team in the world, in a game that resonated with cold-war politics and nationalistic pride as well as athletic superiority.

Coach Herb Brooks, a St. Paul native, Minnesota Golden Gopher player and coach, will forever be remembered for bringing together a crew of Minnesota and Boston rivals, players who would play the European style of hockey he wanted, and forging them into a gold medal team in what many consider to be the greatest athletic achievement of the 20th century.

Today, anyone who was alive to watch it back in 1980 will always remember Al Michael’s immortal call as the final seconds ticked down – “Do you believe in miracles? YES!” — with a thrill of excitement. For one moment, the USA was united indeed, and on top of the world.

Thank you to the 1980 Team USA for a thrill that has never faded.

Precinct caucuses

THUMBS UP: While the Iowa Democratic caucuses cast a discouraging light on the concept of precinct caucuses, there are still good reasons to attend the Minnesota precinct caucuses coming up on Tuesday.

Minnesotans will not be showing preferences for presidential candidates in precinct caucuses. Instead, a presidential primary will be held on March 3. But precinct caucuses still have a function. Attendees will be able to gather with neighbors who share their political philosophy and discuss ideas and issues they consider important. They will be able to elect delegates to county and district conventions.

They will be able to pass resolutions calling for certain positions to be placed in the party’s platform. They will be able to select delegates who will support legislative and congressional candidates.

Precinct caucuses work much better when more people are involved. We hope people will consider attending their caucuses on Tuesday.

State meet

THUMBS UP: Kayla Goblirsch and Emily Guggisberg are representing New Ulm in the 2020 Girls’ Gymnastics State Meet this Saturday in St. Paul. The two are sophomores, but Goblirsch has the benefit of competing in last year’s state tournament.

Gymnastics, as the Turnverein has known for a long time, is a sport that demands, skill, strength, grace and concentration. We applaud New Ulm’s two state competitors and wish them well today.


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