Iowa caucuses meet Murphy’s Law

The Iowa Democratic Caucuses on Monday seem to have run into Murphy’s Law, which states, “If anything can go wrong, it will — and at the worst possible time.”

Iowa Democratic party leaders apparently decided to hire a developer to create a new mobile app for reporting unofficial caucus results, then handed it out at 1,678 precincts to people with little or no training in using it. Throw in a coding issue and the usual bugs.

Precinct officials unable to get the app to work resorted to using calculators to determine the allocation of delegates, then texted photos of the results to party officials. Many tried to call their results in, but ran into busy signals.

As a result, party leaders hung on to the Iowa Caucus results throughout Tuesday, waiting to release the results until they got it right. That’s commendable, but when you have 11 candidates waiting to hear how they did and wealthy donors waiting to decide who should get their money, not having the results completed by Tuesday evening is a disaster.

Russians didn’t need to hack into the ballot system. This was a self-inflicted wound.

Oh well, on to New Hampshire.