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Downtown survey

THUMBS UP: The results of a Rethos Rural Programs survey of local attitudes toward downtown New Ulm was presented this week, and it contains a lot of useful information.

Some of the results confirm what people have been feeling and saying for a long time. People have been saying they want a men’s clothing store, and a shoe store downtown. The study verifies and substantiates that sentiment.

The next step for this information is turning it into action to fulfill those desires. What’s the best way to get a men’s clothing store or a shoe store here? Do we try to recruit a chain or franchise business? Do we encourage a local entrepreneur? How well will we support someone who opens a shop downtown?

This study is a good starting point, but there are many more decisions to make.

Prayers for officer

THUMBS DOWN: Our hearts break over the news Waseca Police Officer Arik Matson was shot and gravely injured in a gun battle with a suspect this week. The details of that battle published in news reports puts the spotlight on the type of dangers police officers face. And it’s not just happening in big cities like Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Officers pursued the suspect in the darkness of night as he scampered from a balcony to the rear of a garage. Officer Matson was hit in the head with gunfire as he stood in a driveway in front of the garage. According to the officer’s pastor, Matson is doing better than expected. That’s good news. We thank all the men and women in law enforcement who must be prepared for these types of situations knowing full well their lives are in danger.


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