Health plan fairness

Millions of Americans have lost all choice in health insurance companies because of the misnamed Affordable Care Act. Millions who were assured Obamacare would get insurance premiums under control have found they cannot afford the level of coverage they did in the past.

At the same time, some of the unfairness of Obamacare is being eliminated. This week, both chambers of Congress were voting on a major spending bill that included a related provision on Obamacare.

Far from making health insurance more affordable for a certain class of hard-working Americans, the ACA made it more costly — by design.

Workers at some companies, including many labor union members, for many years have enjoyed very good health insurance coverage, paid for largely by their employers. The Obama administration and the Congress that enacted the ACA deemed these “Cadillac plans” — and imposed a 40% tax on them.

That made offering such insurance more difficult for the companies involved. It affected the quality of coverage, reducing some “Cadillac” insurance to “Used Yugo” levels.

Part of the spending bill in Congress this week repeals the “Cadillac tax.” Finally, working men and women will not be penalized for their companies’ successes and, not incidentally, their unions’ negotiating prowess.

Trump should sign the bill into law, of course. It is no more than the simple justice denied by the Obamacare law.


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