Thumbs Up/Down

State Tournament

THUMBS UP: Congratulations to the Springfield Tigers and the GFW Thunderbirds, who are playing this morning in the first round of the Minnesota State High School League Class A State Football Tournament. Springfield travels to Janesville to face Blooming Prairie, and GFW faces Browerville-Eagle Valley at St. Cloud State University.

Springfield eked out a last minute victory over Martin County West in Marshall last week, while GFW dominated United South Central. We wish them both a lot of luck in the state tournament this weekend.

A tough sell

THUMBS DOWN: Voters in the GFW School District on Tuesday turned down a proposal to build a new school in Gibbon for the whole distirct that would replace the three school buildings in Gibbon, Fairfax and Winthrop.

It was a tough sell. The proposal carried a high price — a $49 million bonding bill — and it would have left two of the three towns in the district without a school building. We know how people living in a small town get very emotionally attached to their community school. Asking them give up their school and pay extra taxes to build a new school in a neighboring town is asking an awful lot.

A GFW task force had examined a lot of alternatives to meet the district’s future needs and had recommended this proposal. It may need to try something else.

We stand alone

THUMBS DOWN: Last week, the state of Utah ended its association with lower-alcohol 3.2% beer. Beer sold at grocery stores, gas stations and bars will now be slightly stronger. In other words, it will be the “normal” beer sold by brewers and regularly purchased by consumers.

Prior to Utah’s decision it was the second-to-the-last state in the country to still have 3.2% sales. Guess which state holds the distinction of being the last to cling to its archaic ways? Yep. Minnesota.

It’s well past time for Minnesota to wake up and grow up. Time to get rid of 3.2% beer and to let beer, wine and alcohol be sold in stores. Adults do not need a mommy state directing their lives.