What’s On Your Mind?

Paul Peterson of Richfield: “The minute I had consciousness. I was the youngest of five in a musical family. At four years old I played ‘Wipeout’ on drums with the family.”
Steve Moran of New Ulm: “I can’t remember, but my mom played Button Box and I remembered learning to play that by ear.”
Dr. Ann Vogel of New Ulm: “When my family woud sing together at home.”
Adam Munsterman of St. James: “I don’t remember. I started playing when I was 20. I remember seeing Dain play at a graduation party.”
Dodie Wendinger of New Ulm: “When I met Peter Wendinger.”
Carol Steinhaus of New Ulm: “Way back in the 1950s. It was Elivs that did it.”

When did you first know you loved music? (Asked at the Minnesota Music Hall of Fame Showcase Saturday.)