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Putting drones to work for rescues

THUMBS UP: Great news came out of Sherburne County this week that a missing 6-year-old boy was found Tuesday afternoon after a frantic search by hundreds of volunteers.

One particular volunteer brought his drone with him. The drone was equipped with heat-seeking technology and ended up leading a search team right to the boy.

Brown County commissioners recently approved the acquisition of a drone for the Brown County Sheriff’s Office. It is an expensive item, but as the Sherburne county boy’s family can attest, if it can find a kid in a cornfield in the dark as the temperature drops, it will be worth every penny.

Willkommen, Annika

THUMBS UP: Annika Hanreider, the latest Hans Joohs Cultural Exchange Program intern to visit New Ulm from our Sister Cities in Germany, was officially welcomed earlier this week. She will be spending three months or so in New Ulm, learning about American culture and getting some experience in her chosen career field at Oak Hills Living Center.

We hope Annika has a great time while here, learns a lot and forms the kind of personal friendships that have made this program so successful.

150 years old

THUMBS UP: The Holy Trinity Cathedral Parish is celebrating its 150th anniversary this weekend. The parish has been an important part of New Ulm for that long time, and its hard to imagine what New Ulm would be like without the contributions of the parish over the years, especially the work of its pioneering priest and founding paster, Fr. Alexander Berghold.

Congratulations to the Holy Trinity Parish as it celebrates this weekend.


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