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Oktoberfest weather

THUMBS UP: The organizers of New Ulm’s Oktoberfest were probably hoping to have just one more weekend of nice weather for the final weekend of festivities, but Mother Nature is not inclined to comply. Forecasts call for temperatures in the mid to upper 30s, with rain and snow showers throughout the afternoon.

Fortunately, Oktoberfesters are a hardy bunch, willing to accept weather that will keep the beer cold. Besides, dancing the polka is a great way to keep warm. And there are indoor options at Best Western Plus for those who want them.

This could be one reason Munich’s Oktoberfest starts in September and ends in early October.

Good luck and good festing today.

Need for ethics

THUMBS UP: The New Ulm Rotary Club held its annual Ethics Program for high school juniors and seniors in the area. The day-long workshop brings students together with adult leaders to ponder the question “What should you do?” in various real-life situations.

The hope of the program is that students will go back to school with an appreciation for thinking ethically about situations they may come up against. Perhaps this ethical emphasis will spread among other students.

We know students have been facing ethical challenges and situations throughout their school years, and have been learning from parents and teachers about right and wrong. But we do seem to be living in a world where ethics gets shoved to the back burner. This one day, it is hoped, will help bring ethical thinking back to the fore.

Thanks to the Rotary Club for providing this special training.

Good news on trade?

FINGERS CROSSED: The White House announced on Thursday that President Donald Trump will be meeting with the leader of the Chinese trade negotiating team today at the White House. Hopefully this meeting will spark some kind of momentum toward ending the tariff war. Farmers, facing winter weather-type conditions this weekend just before harvesting, need some good news.


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