Vaping not so harmless after all

One of the big selling points the “Vaping” industry has been pushing is that the practice of inhaling nicotine-laden mist is a safe alternative to regular smoking.

Turns out, vaping may not be so harmless after all.

In the past few weeks hospitals around the country are reporting several cases of young people checking in with lung infections or problems breathing. The common denominator? They are all practitioners of vaping.

According to Kaiser Health News, the Center for Disease Control, as of Aug. 22, had taken reports of 193 cases of lung disease potentially related to vaping. The cases were reported from 22 states. In Illinois, 34 patients were reported, and one has died.

The medical profession has been warning since the practice became popular that vaping’s dangers need to be studied. The practice is unregulated. People don’t know for sure what is in the solution they are vaping.

It is time for the Food and Drug Administration to step up and start doing its job, to study vaping and its hazards and regulate how it is used.