Glad the Hwy 15 detour is over

The interchange portion of the Highway 14/15 Gateway project was completed on Monday, and the long, long detour for traffic coming from the other side of the river ended.

That had been an ordeal for people who lived just across the river, who were used to a five-minute drive through the old “Y” intersection and across the bridge to get into New Ulm. With the construction, they had to drive 15 or 20 minutes through Nicollet County to get around to approach New Ulm from the east.

With the opening of the new interchange, at least they can now head east on Hwy. 14 to Nicollet County Hwy. 37 and enter New Ulm on 20th South Street.

The construction on the bridge over the Minnesota River is continuing. The construction had been delayed by high water on the river this summer, but it is now proceeding apace.

We congratulate the hardy commuters who bore the brunt of the long detour the past couple of years.