Thumbs Up/Down

Welcoming banners

THUMBS UP: Those traveling up and down Broadway have probably noticed New Ulm Street Department crews putting up some new, colorful banners on the median light poles. The banners depict one of New Ulm’s many attractions, from the Schell’s Brewery, to the Brown County Museum, to the Glockenspiel, and so on.

These are different from banners that have been put up in the past. They are graphically appealing, with full color pictures of the attration on one and an easy to read sign with the name on the other.

We’re sure there are a few groups working together on this with the New Ulm Convention Visitors Bureau. We think everyone involved deserves a nice Thumbs Up for this idea.

Enjoy the Fair

THUMBS UP: The Brown County Fair is in full swing. We hope everyone gets out to the fair and enjoys a look around and takes part in the fun.

Special thanks to all the 4-H groups who work so hard so we can enjoy and admire their accomplishments. It’s a great chance to bring the town and country portion of the community together.

Outstanding seniors

THUMBS UP: Congratulations to Don Hawkins and Bob Schirlinger, who were recognized Thursday as Brown County’s Oustanding Seniors for 2019.

Their long list of accomplishments were publicized in Friday’s paper. It seems it is always amazing for the honorees to see their list of service and accomplishments — they probably don’t realize it’s that big a thing when they are doing it, but it all adds up.

Bob and Don truly seem to enjoy what they are doing for others, and it is good to see them get the recognition they deserve for their good deeds.

Woodstock 50

THUMBS DOWN: Plans for a festival to commemorate the legendary Woodstock music festival were recently dropped. It’s probably just as well. It would be impossible to recapture the kind of free spiritedness and sense of community that marked the first and set the tone for an entire generation to aspire to.

We can only imagine what would have happened to the original Woodstock if it had to jump through all the hoops and cut as much red tape as Woodstock 50. It probably would have been canceled before it ever happened.


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