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Hands Free law obviously needed

Thumbs Down: The “Hands Free” driving law took effect on Thursday, and came not a moment too soon. The need for this law was made obvious in one of the first traffic stops to enforce it.

In Eagan, an officer saw a woman using her phone while driving. When he pulled her over, she admitted she had been texting to someone about the hands free law, and said she wasn’t aware the law had taken effect that day. The officer politely informed her that even under the old law, texting while driving was illegal.

People, it’s not that hard to understand. Don’t text, don’t hold your phone to your ear, don’t read messages while driving. Put the phone down and drive responsibly.

Brown County Fair

Thumbs Up: Summer is moving rapidly along, it seems. August is already here, and the Brown County Fair is starting up next week, Aug. 7-11.

For a lot of people, it is the highlight of the summer. 4-H and FFA kids get to show their projects and their livestock and compete with their friends. Fans of vehicular destruction get not one, but two Demolition Derbies at the grandstand. Fans of fair food will get their fix of footlongs and funnel cakes. Kids will get a chance to ride the rides at the Midway.

It’s a great tradition, the kind of fun you only get once a summer. We hope everyone will go to the Free Fair and have a good time.

Legion Teams

Thumbs Up: New Ulm’s Legion Gold and Junior Legion Gold baseball teams are competing this weekend in their respective state Legion tournaments. We wish both teams well as they work their ways through the brackets, with their eyes on the title.


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